While Appstle provides you - the merchant, with ready to use default emails, it is highly understandable that you might want your emails to match your brand designs and fit perfectly with your store and brand. With Appstle's Custom HTML template, you can do just that! You can build a custom HTML template and use our variables to render the information on your email templates.

Creating and managing the custom email template?
You can create or add the custom HTML template in the email template settings. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to your merchant portal
Step 2: Navigate to Customizations

Step 3: Click on Email template Settings in the drop down

Step 4: Edit the desired template
Step 5: Scroll down to Custom HTML template

Step 6: Paste your Custom HTML code and click on Update.

{{ subject }} - Subject line
{{ logo_url }} - With this, your store logo will be rendered on the email template
{{ heading }} - This will render the heading
{{ manageSubscriptionLink }} - This would redirect the customer to their Manage Subscriptions page
{{ shippingFullName }} - Full name
{{ addressItem }} - Address
{{ billingFullName }} - Billing Name
{{ billingAddressItem }} - Billing Address
{{ nextOrderDate }} - Next order date
{{ maskedCardNumber }} - Last 4 digit of debit/credit Card

If you are facing any trouble configuring the email templates or are looking for more features, please reach out to us at subscription-support@appstle.com. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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