While creating a subscription plan, you will have an option to select from different subscription plan types, on your store's merchant portal.

Appstle offers 3 different plan types at present.

1. Pay as you go
2. Prepaid
3. Advanced Prepaid

What is the difference between them?

1. Pay as you go

With the 'pay as you go' plan, your customers will be charged at regular intervals, as per the order frequency and interval of their subscription.

For instance, if you are offering a monthly subscription option to your customers, where the products are delivered every month, and choose the 'Pay As You Go' option, your customers will be billed once a month, for just the value of the order delivered that month. The customer will be automatically billed, until they, or the merchant cancels the subscription.

2. Prepaid

With the prepaid plan type, you can charge your customers an upfront payment for multiple upcoming orders, that are a part of the subscription.

In the below image, we see that the Billing Period is 12, and the Fullfillment Frequency is 1 month. This means that the customer will be charged for 12 months of order upfront. They will be pre-paying for 12 deliveries in advance. The payment will automatically create an order with 12 fulfilments on your Shopify's orders section.

With this Subscription plan type, your customers will be automatically charged, until they, or you cancel the subscription.

3. Advanced Prepaid

Advanced Prepaid plan is quite similar to the Prepaid plan. However, in the Advanced Prepaid plan, you can specify and limit the number of times your customers can be charged upfront..

For example, in the screenshot below, we have entered '1', under 'Maximum Number of Billing Iterations'. Every other detail is the same as that enetered for the Prepaid plan example screenshot.

The '1' in 'Maximum Number of Billing Iterations', cancels the Prepaid Plan after the first payment period, which will cover 12 deliveries. The customer will not be charged for any new orders, after that,

If you have any questions about Plan types, or are looking for more features, you can reach out to us at subscription-support@appstle.com. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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