We all know how useful note taking is, in both our personal and business lives! It not only helps us stay on top of things, but also ensures that minute details are not missed.

Appstle's Order Notes functionality allows you to jot down those minute points about an individual subscription order or general subscription plan, so you and your team can conveniently refer to them when needed to free you from last minute stress and help keep things in order.

What is Appstle's Order Notes feature?

The Order Notes feature is a neatly designed system to collect special instructions from your most loyal (subscribing) customers, to prepare and deliver their recurring orders. These instructions can be about anything, ranging from the quality or feature aspects of the products delivered, to the product packaging. For example, a customer who has subscribed for weekly delivery of 10 roses can request that the stem of the rose be cut exactly at 5 inches!

Most free Shopify themes allow you to enable an order notes text box on your cart page!

How to use Order Notes (For a specific subscription order ID)

Step 1: Navigate to merchant portal.

Step 2: Click on Subscriptions on the panel on the left-hand side

Step 3: Click on the desired Subscription ID

Step 4: Click on update Order Note

Step 5: Type the note, which will be valid for the entire subscription ID

Step 6: Click on Update

How to use Order Notes (For all upcoming orders of a product)

Step 1: For adding notes for the upcoming orders, go to Upcoming orders

Step 2: Click on Order Note

Please note that what you type here will apply to ALL subscription orders that relate to this particular product.

Step 3: Click on Order notes

Step 4: Write the instructions for the subscription orders of that product

Step 5: Click on Save/Update

Please note that the two order note types are different. The first one concerns a specific subscription order of a specific customer. The second one is more general, and will relate to all subscription orders of a product

Let us help.

If you have any questions relating to Order notes, or if you need any other help, please reach out to us at subscription-support@appstle.com or just ping us through the live chat widget on our app. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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