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How to make the most of Appstle Subscriptions' Upselling Feature on your Shopify store
How to make the most of Appstle Subscriptions' Upselling Feature on your Shopify store
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We at Appstle are always looking to innovate the subscription model to help maximize revenue for merchants of all sizes, and align perfectly with their customers' needs.

Upselling is a feature helps merchants increase their product sales, average order value, and their customers' wallet share significantly. Using the upselling feature, you can show your most popular and relevant products to your shoppers, based on their other products either in their cart or recurring orders from you. Studies show that there is a 70% conversion rate for upselling.

With the upselling feature of Appstle Subscriptions, merchants can show a list of products (we recommend the most popular ones in your stores!) in the customer portal. They can be shown as is or with a potential for discount at either a combined or individual product level. This discount $ or rate can be pre-set with smart rules in Appstle's back-end.

To set up an upselling discount, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Appstle Subscriptions dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings > Configuration

  3. Enable the toggle for Offer discount for adding product to subscription?

  4. Define the fields with the percentage (%) or amount ($ or another currency) off discount that you wish to offer. Keep in mind that this is completely optional; you can disable the toggle (it will move from green to grey) if you do not want to give a discount.

  5. Modify the Upsell Message field to best suit your store and customers.

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