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1.2 - Enabling and encouraging customers to try new variants
1.2 - Enabling and encouraging customers to try new variants
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A store with multiple products of the same niche would preferably want equal distribution of sales across all of them. We can take an ice-cream ecommerce store offering a subscription model as an example. Let's say this store has the following flavors:

  • Vanilla.

  • Chocolate.

  • Chocolate Chip.

  • Butter Pecan.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

  • Eggnog.


Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty app offers innovative features that can be used to achieve similar aims.. One such feature is our Product Swap Automation (click here to learn more about this feature).

A merchant can use the Product Swap Automation feature to set pre-defined cycles of product swaps on monthly basis. One such example is:

  • Vanilla swapped with Chocolate (first recurring order)

  • Chocolate swapped with Chocolate Chip (second recurring order)

  • Chocolate Chip swapped with Butter Pecan (third recurring order)

  • Butter Pecan swapped with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (fourth recurring order)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough swapped with Eggnog (fifth recurring order).

  • Eggnog swapped with Vanilla (the cycle again starts).

For merchants, an advantage of offering a swap cycle like this, is collecting feedback from their customers about which products are performing well versus ones that are not. This allows them to pinpoint what needs improvement.

If you have any questions about setting product cycles/rotations, or are looking for more features, you can reach out to us at Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.


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