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5. Loyalty Features
5.1. Motivating long-term subscribers with additional perks (discounts and shipping)
5.1. Motivating long-term subscribers with additional perks (discounts and shipping)
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In this section, we will discuss the importance of long-term revenue streams for a business. To foster these long-term relationships, it may be helpful to incentivize customers to stay subscribed to your store. Our loyalty features may prove useful for such a situation. You can provide perks, a few of which we have outlined below:

  1. Discount offerings: Customers can benefit from a discount if they commit to their subscriptions for a specified length of time. Just as an example, you can offer a $10 off initial discount upon purchase, and after the 20th billing cycle, change it to a percentage discount of 15%, which will remain for the remaining duration of customers' subscriptions. This example loyalty configuration is shown in the screenshot below:

  2. Shipping: Free Shipping is the best incentive that can be offered to subscribers. After a specified number of billing cycles have passed, a free shipping discount can be applied. In the example screenshot below, an flat shipping price decrease of $10 is applied upon purchase, increasing to a 15% shipping discount after 10 billing cycles, and finally free shipping after 15 billing cycles.:

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