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5.3. Free trial of other products and variants to extend engagement with store.
5.3. Free trial of other products and variants to extend engagement with store.
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Continuing on with our loyalty feature, in the world of ecommerce, customers prefer to try products first to assess if they are good fits for them. A perfect example of a specific use case for this is a shampoo subscription business.

Let’s say that shampoo is offered in two forms:

  • Bottles

  • Sachet

The subscription will be for bottles, which are more expensive and larger in size. However, smaller sachets can be offered to allow customers to test the shampoo first. This can help them decide if they wish to commit to subscriptions for bottles.

This trial of different products and variants can be done in multiple ways. Below is just one example:

  • Whenever a customer subscribes to any product that is not a shampoo (e.g. conditioner or hair oil) a 7-day free trial of a shampoo sachet can be offered alongside it.

Another of Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty’s highly coveted features - Product Swap Automation (link to article here) can be tactfully used to fulfill your store's needs and achieve the best customer experience. For example, the free trial of a new variant or product does not have to be static; it can change with every recurring delivery, through which you can introduce to your customers multiple products that your store has to offer. Doing things this way, your customers can potentially enjoy ALL your store's offerings, not just one!

Here are the settings that we can set in the trial section of Manage Plans.

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