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5.4. Segmenting most loyal customers (in-app customer and order tagging) to offer special perks.
5.4. Segmenting most loyal customers (in-app customer and order tagging) to offer special perks.
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Within your subscriber base, there may be a group of subscribers or customers that you can call your “most loyal members”. Loyalty could mean anything to your store based on product category and customer profiles, but the most common criteria to determine loyal customers are:

  • Their tenure with the store, mostly as subscribers/customers.

  • The amount they have spent conducting business in your store (order value over a period of time / recurring order value)

  • Customer referrals to your store.

  • Their cooperativeness in the face of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. delays due to supply chain issues, packages being lost due to local delivery issues, etc.).

In today’s time of easy switching between brands, loyal customers deserve rewards to keep them motivated and feel special. Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty has a solution for that.

Our Segment Based Plans feature allows our merchants to distinctly tag their loyal customers for the purposes of offering them discounted pricing or plans having loyalty features (discussed in previous articles), such as:

  • Free gifts

  • Free or discounted Shipping on recurring shipments

  • Special loyalty discounts

To find out more about our loyalty plans, click to view this article here.

The process of setting up a segment based selling plan is quite simple.

  1. First, define a special subscription plan for your loyal subscribers in the Subscription Plan section.

  2. Apply a special tag in the customers profile of Shopify to said subscribers.

  3. From Segment Based Plans, you can activate the loyalty benefit for customers with your specified tag, as shown in the screenshot below:

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