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7.1. Avoid out-of-stock situations.
7.1. Avoid out-of-stock situations.
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A subscription model is important for many types of businesses, as it means a recurring revenue stream and high customer retention (low Customer Acquisition Cost, or CAC). From a customer’s perspective, it is preferred due to potential ‘subscribe and save’ savings AND for the convenience it brings on a regular basis. For the customer, it avoids the hassle of constantly repeating the motion of ordering the same product that needs constant replenishment. To ensure this continued convenience for the customer, the store should not run out of stock before the recurring deliveries take place.

Appstle’s Inventory Forecast feature helps prevent out-of-stock situations.

Out of stock situations can negatively impact customer experience, and given the recurring need for the product, the customer (who is currently your loyal subscriber) may turn to a competing brand.

A healthy practice is to constantly monitor the stock status of your subscription SKUs to ensure it is available for recurring fulfillment. It is even better when this is automated, which Appstle is capable of!

With Appstle’s Product Forecasting feature in the Analytics section, the inventory report can be viewed.

The report gathers data for upcoming orders for all active subscriptions. This data can be displayed with the following filters:

  • Next 7 days

  • Next 30 days

  • Next 90 days

  • Next 365 days

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