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8.1. Merchant Subscription Creation.
8.1. Merchant Subscription Creation.
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In the merchant intervention section, we’ll highlight where and how you can intervene to both help your customers and improve their subscription experience. When customers receive robust customer experiences, they are more than likely to stay on recurring models with the store for a long time.

As per our experience working with thousands of merchants, some customers find the technical aspects of starting a subscriptions order daunting. This has been especially true with the pervasive and rapid acceleration of e-commerce during the pandemic, to customers who, until then, may have conducted commerce physically. These customers typically ping the merchant and look for guidance in their subscriptions setup. Most times, they appreciate if the merchant themselves set up the subscriptions on their end, based on the customer’s requirements.

Good news, Appstle has an exceptional feature called the Manual Subscription Creation, through which you, as the merchant, can create a subscription end-to-end for any customer who has authorized their payment method for recurring payments.

The process is simple, and requires filling out a form.

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