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8.2. Strategic Product Swap.
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Appstle Subscriptions offers merchants complete control over their customers' subscriptions. One common use case for a manual product swap, through which a merchant can intervene to help the customers, is a swap model. Now this use case can be achieved by using our predefined product swap automation cycles

(link to the document here). However, there also exists some alternative methods:

There can be several approaches that can be used here:

  1. Manual Subscription Updates: we allow the merchant to delete or add new products/variants from within the subscription management section of their merchant dashboard:

  2. Bulk Automations: a merchant can use bulk automations to swap existing products for new ones. This automation will apply for ALL existing subscriptions with the specified product to be swapped.

A example use case for this is that of a coffee business which ships out new flavors on a regular basis.

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