9.1. Multiple Widget Display Positions
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In the world of ecommerce, there is a common rule: a product that is advertised efficiently sells more. By extension, a store that smartly utilizes as many tactical positions to highlight their subscription model(s) will have a stronger recurring order model and potentially more subscribers. The more visibility the subscription widget gets, the more a visitor or shopper is likely to opt in for compared to a one-time purchase. Even very big ecommerce stores, such as Amazon, show their subscribe and save widget throughout various places on their website so that the chance of recurring purchase is maximized.

Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty understands this well, and as such provides customized widget placement in multiple points through the customer journey:

  • Product Display Page: The most essential position, where a subscription widget can be shown.

  • Homepage: Products that can be bought as a recurring order can have the subscriptions widget shown in addition to the general add to cart button on the store Home Page to increase the visibility and probability for subscriptions. Our experience has shown that many customers mentally consider the benefits of a recurring order (cost benefits and convenience benefits) when they see the subscriptions widget. Therefore, adding the subscriptions option every time the product is showcased helps maximize recurring purchases for your store.

  • Cart Page: This falls mostly in the upselling category, which merchants usually use for converting a one-time sale into recurring purchase before checkout. An option similar to the below image is shown to the customers where they are offered a subscription discount if they proceed with a subscription purchase instead of a one-time purchase:

  • Quick-view mode: Most stores these days offer a quick-view of the product in a smaller sub-screen, instead of requiring them to click on the product and have a detailed view of it as a separate window. This avoids friction in the customer journey, and aligns with the fast paced life of today. It looks something like the below screenshot.

With Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty, the subscription widget can be placed in the Quick-view page as well!

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