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9.3. Setting an air of exclusivity and urgency (Subscriber Limit)
9.3. Setting an air of exclusivity and urgency (Subscriber Limit)
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Usually, when an offer is presented on an exclusive basis or with a hook that leads customers to believe there is a limited time to capitalize on a store offering or benefit, there is a higher likelihood they will take it. There are 2 ways to achieve this air of exclusivity, which are outlined below:

We have discussed some of the offers (and how they can be offered) below:

  1. Offering discounts: any subscriptions selling plan that you create on Appstle can be offered with an additional discount option for a limited period of time. You can offer a $ discount or % discount for a set time, and revert it back to the original price at the end of the period.

  2. Putting order limits: Market and macro economic conditions can change quickly, and sometimes it might not make economical sense for a store to lock itself into a long-term recurring order plan (e.g. when the cost of raw materials increase). For such cases, Appstle offers the feature to limit the time period during which subscriptions will be active. Lets take an example: Say your store offers a monthly subscriptions plan on your products. As shown in the below screenshot, you can limit the period to 6. This way, the subscription will automatically be paused after 6 deliveries.

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