9.4. Free Trials on Subscriptions:
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When discussing successful business tactics, a customer-favorite is free trials. Most customers consider trials as an additional offering, a chance to actually test the product before opting for a subscription model. Free trials show that the store cares, and acts as a motivator for customers to purchase subscriptions.

Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty understands the need for free trials and made a system in which the merchant can set up free trials in a matter of a few clicks.

When creating a subscription plan, can merchants enable the Offer Free Trial feature? Yes! You can define both the duration of the trial period and the charge after the free trial period is over. You can have the post trial price as 100% or full price, or offer it with a discount.

What is the benefit of offering Free Trials as a part of subscriptions, and not separately, you might ask? Well, when the free trial is offered as a part of subscriptions, after the end of the trial period, if the customer does not expressly cancel the subscription, the paid deliveries of the product automatically then take effect; the customer does not have to manually purchase the product as a recurring order. As such, the switch from free trial to paid recurring orders is automatic and frictionless!

A relatable use case example for Free Trials is Pet food. What type of food a customer purchases depends on the type of pet they have, its tastes, and its nutritional requirements.

With our free trial feature for subscriptions, you can offer, for example, a monthly supply of dog-food with a 2-week free trial so that the customer can test if is to their dog's liking.

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