10.1. Dunning Management
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Appstle offers a detailed set of mechanisms that you can use in order to control the involuntary churn in your recurring subscription model. With the Dunning Management feature of Appstle Subscriptions, you can have complete control over:

  • The number of re-billing attempts in case of a failed transaction.

  • The behavior applied to a contract once all re-billing attempts have been exhausted (i.e. cancellation, pause or skip).

How can dunning management help you reduce churn? With our dunning management feature we can send the automatic Transaction Failed email template when a billing attempt proves unsuccessful. Re-billing attempts are made every day for 1-10 days (both can be configured) so that there is a high chance the payment is retried and successful for a recurring order.

Moreover, as per our experience, most of our merchants prefer applying a temporary pause over subscriptions in case of failed transaction attempts. Customers also appreciate these temporary pauses in case of an issue with their payment method, and helps build good relations with them. A merchant can easily set the Dunning Management Mechanism by navigating to Subscription Plans > Dunning Management settings:

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