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11.1. Bulk Updates
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As a merchant, there are several other things that you should be focusing on to improve the subscription revenue for your store. There are actions (e.g. pricing change, status change, etc.) that we do not recommend doing one-by-one for every contract; we recommend a significantly more efficient method for doing this instead.

We have a list of bulk automations that can help update a large number contracts all at once. Here is a list of bulk automations that can help you, as the merchant, save time:

  • Update Subscription Status

  • Hide Subscriptions

  • Update Delivery Price

  • Update Delivery Method Name

  • Update Next Renewal Date Time

  • Update Next Renewal Time

  • Update Billing Interval

  • Replace Removed Variant

  • Price Automation

  • Product Replace Automation

  • Delete Automation

These may not be entirely necessary to use for merchants with smaller numbers of contracts, but for those with a large number of contracts, possibly into the thousands, these automations can become exponentially more useful.

The automations can be initiated in two simple steps:

  1. Inputting the list of IDs

  2. Selecting the action to be executed.

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