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How to use the Auto Sync Settings feature for operational efficiency
How to use the Auto Sync Settings feature for operational efficiency

Detailed guide on auto syncing product prices and SKUs from Shopify to Appstle Subscriptions

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Before jumping into the details of what our Automatic Sync Settings do, we need to discuss, at a high level, the background of how the default subscription or recurring order algorithms are supposed to work.

Subscription terms and conditions are set at the time of creation, and remain set, unless the merchant or customer makes changes from their respective portals.

This can be easily explained with an example. Let's assume the base price of a product was $10 when a monthly subscription was created. After some months, the merchant decides to increase the base price to $20. An obvious question here is if the subscription product's base price should now reflect the new $20, or the original $10. The answer is simple! It depends on merchant preference. Some merchants want the price to be changed to $20 and some want it to remain at $10.

To accommodate different merchants and their preferences, Appstle has developed an Auto Sync Settings feature.


Pricing updates are not all that Auto Sync Settings control. Another key data input the functionality covers is the Stock Keeping Unit (or SKU), which is critical for recurring order fulfillment.

Auto Sync Settings covers the automatic updating or syncing of both:

  • product pricing

  • SKUs

We have made this feature available in the form of a toggle/trigger. By turning on the toggle for Auto sync, merchants can ensure the automatic and efficient updating of their price or SKU changes done within their Shopify Admin extends to their existing subscription contracts.

Method of implementation:

  1. Under Settings in your dashboard, select to configure Shop Settings.

  2. Scroll down and you will find the section for Auto Sync Settings.

  3. You will see two triggers here. The PRICE trigger (if enabled) will automatically bring in any price changes made in the Shopify product backend to the subscription contact. The SKU SYNC trigger (if enabled) will sync the updated SKU at the time of the generation of the recurring order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the automatic price sync happen immediately?
    Yes. For example, as soon as you make any change to the base price of a subscription product in Shopify, it will send a trigger to Appstle algorithms to update the price of that product for all subscription contracts.

  • Does the automatic SKU sync happen immediately?
    Technically YES, because whenever a change is made in Shopify to a product that is part of a subscription plan, it will send a trigger to Appstle. After the trigger is received, all future recurring orders that involve the product will be generated with the updated SKU code.

If you have any questions regarding automatic sync settings, or need any other help with Appstle, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7/365 white-hat merchant success team. You can ping us via chat or email us at

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