All our products here at Appstle are focused on providing our merchants with the best tools for customer retention, to support their overall success in e-commerce. 'Appstle Menu' (originally designed, built, and owned by Appstle) is such a feature!

While not strictly a subscriptions feature, Appstle Menu's use case is to provide an extremely customer friendly and friction-free product navigation and filtering space, to achieve higher shopper satisfaction and conversion. Appstle Menu can be used for both subscriptions and one-off purchases.

What is Appstle Menu?

The Appstle Menu is a dedicated page where you, as the merchant, can list all the products of your store and define specific filters for customer navigation and shortlisting.

How is the 'Appstle Menu' page different from a regular collection page?

A collection page typically has the products of the same niche or sub-category on it. For example, if you are running a pet products brands, the collection pages on your store will look something like:

  1. Food

  2. Toys

  3. Vet Products

  4. Cleaning Products


However, Appstle Menu is more advanced than a regular collections page. It allows you to collate all products across different collections pages into a single page. Afterwards, you can define custom filters for your products based on what makes sense for your store.

Below is a sample of how the Appstle Menu would look like!

Appstle Menu for stellar shopping experience

If you notice the left panel, the categories in Bold - 'Food', 'Vet Diets' and 'Toys' are typically the collections. With the Appstle Menu, you can show them together on the same page, and also go deeper into the sub-categories within each of them (e.g. Within Food, the sub-categories/filters are 'Wet', 'Dry', etc).

The categorization for easy navigation can also happen on the top panel. In this example, the categorization is based on the animal and its life stage.

Why Appstle Menu?

The answer for this is simple! Appstle Menu's core purpose is to reduce friction, improve customer experience, and increase conversion and retention. Various studies have shown us that customers are increasingly prioritizing their time and convenience. Finding the products they need in an organized manner, on a single page with easy filtering, helps streamline the buying process.

How to setup Appstle Menu in your store?

There are a few key steps to setup the Appstle Menu. This section will give you a detailed walk-through


  1. Under the Acquire Subscribers option, go to Appstle Menu > Configure

  2. If you are setting up Appstle Menu for the first time on your store, it will be showing you the following configuration error by default.

  3. Go to your Shopify Admin dashboard and navigate to Apps > Apps and Sales Channel Settings

  4. Click on Develop Apps

  5. Click on Allow Custom App Development

  6. Click on Create an App

  7. In the App Name field, type Appstle Menu and click on Create App

  8. Click on Configure Storefront API scopes

  9. Please make sure you tick-mark all the available asked scopes. Then hit Save

  10. After you have saved it, click on the Install button. It will appear on the same spot as the Save button.

  11. Once the installation is finished (which may take a few moments), you will be provided with a Storefront API access token. Copy that.

  12. Go back in the Appstle Subscriptions app dashboard and in Settings > Shop Settings > Store Front Access Token option, paste this API token.

Hit Update when you are finished.

Your Appstle Menu is now setup!

If you have any questions on the Appstle Menu, or the configuration of it, please feel free to ping us on chat, or email us at Our dedicated merchant success team that is available 24x7x365 will be happy to assist.

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