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How to setup and configure bundling, with Appstle Subscriptions
How to setup and configure bundling, with Appstle Subscriptions

Detailed guide on bundling products (as a one-time purchase or as subscriptions)

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Bundling products has benefits for both merchants and customers. Merchants sell more, and claim a greater wallet share from the shopper and engage better with them. Customers save on shipping fees, get more of their needs fulfilled (often for a better price), and have a better shopping experience, overall. Given that, Appstle Subscriptions has recently launched a new functionality - bundling.

Use case

The bundling feature is best illustrated by an example. Lets take a skincare brand, with 3 core products

  • Face wash

  • Moisturizer

  • Cleaning pads

Let's assume two of them are offered as subscriptions and one-time purchases (face wash and moisturizer) while one of them is one-time only (cleaning pads).
With Appstle's bundling feature, when a shopper is exploring the recurring purchase of the face wash, you can show them the option to bundle the purchase with the moisturizer (as one-time or recurring) and the cleaning pads (as one-time).

While most bundling tools only allow the grouping of either one-time purchases together, or subscription purchases together, Appstle's is unique in that it allows you to bundle products with both of those purchase options together. Also, the number of products that can be shown to the customer for bundling is numerous!

Setup and Configuration:

  1. As the first step, you need to activate the bundle. In your merchant's dashboard, navigate to Settings > Subscriber Acquisition Settings > Bundles, then click to Create Bundle.

  2. In the first section of the configuration, you need to enter some basic information such as the texts of the labels, and select the status of the bundle as Active or Paused. Appstle offers pre-filled labels that you can proceed with, and can later edit based on your suitability.

  3. In the second part of the configuration, there are three checks provided:

    1. Select Subscription by Default - if you have this option checked, it will activate subscriptions for ALL products that are a part of the bundle.

    2. Show Combined Selling plans - let's say you have 5 products in a bundle. If you have this option turned off, each product will have its own separate dropdown for delivery frequency; if you have the option turned on, the customer will only see one dropdown menu of delivery frequency options for the entire bundle.

    3. Bundle Type: there are two possibilities with which a bundle type can be set:

      1. CLASSIC - in this bundle type, you, as the merchant, define the bundle contents. They cannot be modified by the customer, so it is a 'take it as-is, or leave it' package.

      2. MIX AND MATCH - in this bundle type, customers will get the options to keep (select) or remove (deselect) the products that they don't want in the bundle. This option also allows you, as the merchant, to define both the minimum and maximum number of products that customers can select for the bundle.

  4. Discounts: if you'd like to set collective discounts on the total price of the bundle, you can set that from this section.

  5. Bundle Product Level: you can specify if you want your bundle to operate at the product level or the variant level of your chosen products.

  6. Selecting the products: the last part in the configuration is selecting the products that you want to offer as a part of the bundling. There are some things to note here:

    • You products will be added to the bundle as one-time purchase, by default.

    • If you'd like to offer the main product or any of the product on a subscription then you need to make sure that product is associated with a subscription plan in the Manage Plans section of your dashboard.

After you hit Save, the system will take a few seconds, after which, the bundle will be live on the product display pages in your store.

If you have any questions on the bundling functionality or the configuration of it, please feel free to ping us on chat, or email us at Our dedicated merchant success team that is available 24x7x365 will be happy to assist.

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