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Welcome to Appstle Loyalty! We're so happy to have you with us!

This doc will be show you how to navigate our loyalty application. We have the following options within the dashboard:


Our application provides you with robust analytics to help you keep track of your loyalty program. Using them can help you understand your loyalty program and how it performs overtime

Note: Clicking on any individual metric will update the graph you see on the right with the appropriate values.

  • Customers - Total number of customers currently signed on to your loyalty program.

  • Points Earned - Total points customers have collectively earned.

  • Points Spent - Total points customers have collectively spent.

  • Activity Completed - Total number of activity rules customers have completed.

  • Reward Claimed - Total number of rewards customers have claimed.

Customers section

This is the section where you can obtain critical details related to your customers (points, status, start date, etc.)

Clicking on any of the View actions will take you to a page where you can view more details, and even approve/cancel pending points for customers.

Activity Rules

The core section where you can set up your loyalty program. It contains various activity rules you can set up for your customers. if they perform your specified activities, they will be rewarded with points.


Use this section to configure rewards that your customers can redeem for loyalty points.

Widget Settings

Customize your loyalty widget with colors, labels, and CSS as per your store or brand’s needs.

Widget Settings

Widget Labels


Custom CSS


Email Settings

Keep in touch with your customers through automated email notifications. The pre-built templates can be used as is, or edited as per your needs.


Currently on another Loyalty platform? Migrate your loyal customers over to Appstle Loyalty.


Fully fledged APIs that can be used for API documentation.

App Integrations

integrate with third party applications to increase the scope of your loyalty program.

Feature Request

If you are searching for a feature we currently do not offer, you can use this section to request it.

Help Docs

Stuck? Review our step-by-step guides that will help you set up your ideal loyalty program.

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