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Reward Rules - Free Product
Reward Rules - Free Product
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With this reward, points can be redeemed to get a free product as a gift.

Follow the steps outlined below to configure this reward:

  1. Go to Rewards

  2. Click on Add Reward

  3. Click on the Create Rule button in the Discount section.

  4. In the Name section, name your Reward.

  5. For Customer Facing Labels, define the message customers will see when they redeem their points.

  6. In the Product Variant settings, choose the product your customers can redeem with their points.

  7. In the Cost to Redeem section, please enter the amount of points needed to redeem this reward.

  8. For Allow Discounts, please select if you want to enable a discount code for subscription/recurring purchases.

  9. Restrictions is optional to complete. If there are customers who you wish to exclude from this rewards program, enter their customer ID, which is obtainable either in the Customers section of the loyalty app or in the Shopify Admin (last part in the URL of a customer page).

  10. For Reward Status, define the rewards program as either Active or Paused.

When you are finished, scroll back up and hit the Save button. Now you're done!

You can test your new reward in your storefront while logged into an account, simulating a customer.

Fulfill some of your activity rules (ex: visit store, new customer/create account in store, purchase products) to gain loyalty points. Then click on the Ways to Redeem section in the loyalty widget to view the reward.

Click Redeem to get a code. This code can then be used on the checkout page and applied to the purchase.

View Redeemed Rewards

You can view rewards customers redeemed using the Customers section of Appstle Loyalty.:

  1. From your home page, click Manage Customers under Customers.

  2. In the section that follows, select your desired customer ID.

  3. Navigate to the Rewards tab.

  4. Here, you can view all the rewards that this customer redeemed, got refunded, are unused, etc. For the latter, if you need to cancel a specific reward for whatever reason, select to do so under the Action column.

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