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Activity Rule - Social Media Rules
Activity Rule - Social Media Rules
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With this activity rule, your customers can earn points by liking/following your business on select social media platforms.

In order to set this activity rule, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Activity Rules

  2. Click on Add Rule

  3. Click on the Create Rule button in the New Customer section.

  4. In the Name section, name the Activity Rule.

  5. For Customer Facing Label, describe the activity rule with a brief explanation on how points can be earned.

  6. For Base Points, input the amount of points a customer gets once the conditions of this activity rule are met.

    1. Auto Approval Days can be set if you wish to give yourself time to approve customers' loyalty points upon completing activity rules. If you do not manually approve the points yourself during the interval you set (in days), after it passes, the points will automatically be assigned to the customers' accounts. Put "0" into this field if you want the points to be assigned to customer accounts immediately.

    2. Click the checkbox for Enable Activity Interval Per Customer if you want to limit how many times a customer can complete this activity rule per given interval of time (days, weeks, months, years, or lifetime).

  7. In URL to follow enter the URL of your business's social media page where customers can follow you. This will be the only real difference among all of the different social media activity rules.

  8. For Notification, you can input a message customers will get when they get their points.

  9. For Rule Status, set the activity rule as either Active or Paused.

When you are finished, scroll back up and hit the Save button. Now you're done!

Now let’s talk about use cases. In other words, what kinds of situations would this activity rule prove useful for you, as the merchant?

This rule is all about building and/or expanding a social media presence for your business by encouraging customers to follow you for points. It can also help you with marketing campaigns for new product launches or promotional sales you may be looking to do. These will be communicated to your followers, who can then become an organic customer base. When good, healthy social media engagement is fostered, it can increase your store or brand’s repute.

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