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We have a dedicated section in Appstle Loyalty that will allow you to manage your customers and their details.

  • In the sidebar, select the Customers section.

The page you are first greeted with (shown above) will contain a high-level overview of your customers and their information, including the points they have earned, the rewards their rewards (claimed, unused, or refunded), etc.

  • Click on the View action (eye) to view more details about a specific customer.

The first tab is History. You can see the points that this customer has earned. If needed, you can choose to cancel points by clicking on any of the red cancel point buttons you see on the far right.

You can edit customer info, give/remove points manually by using the Actions tab in the upper-right, or even delete this customer (and their loyalty records) from the app altogether.

The second tab is Rewards, which is where you can view all the rewards that your customers have and their statuses. They can show up as used, unused, or refunded.

It is also possible to create rewards on behalf of your customers by clicking on the Create Redeem button.

You will be shown a menu that lists the different rewards you have created for your store. Click on any of them and hit Create Redeem to give this customer the reward. They will be notified via email that they have received a reward that they can use for your store.

Aside from that, this section also has a filter option, which you can use to sort out customers by order name, discount code, and the reward status.

And in the Referrals tab, any referrals from this customer and their statuses will be listed.

When you are finished, hit Save.

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