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Refunds and returns
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Refunding a product

If a customer returns a purchase or receives a refund, the points earned on the purchase will automatically be removed from their account.
If a customer returns the order partially points will be removed partially as well (ex. a purchase of 2 products, but 1 gets returned).


  1. Customer A has a starting points balance of 0

  2. Customer A makes a cart total of two items that cost $10. They check out and pay their $20. They gain $20 (total) * 1 point / dollar = 20 points for making the purchase. Balance: 20 points

  3. Customer A refunds one of the two items. LoyaltyLion deducts ($10 * 1 point / dollar) = 10 points for refunding that item. Their voucher is not refunded. Balance: 10 points

  4. Customer A returns the remaining items in their order. Balance: 0 points

Note: This happens whether customers have points or not. Points earned on purchase will be removed from their accounts upon returning the purchase.

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