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What is a Referral Program?
What is a Referral Program?
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A referral program involves 2 participants: your existing customer base and those in their immediate vicinity, be it family or friends who are not yet part of your store.

A referral program can be a great way for you to organically grow your business, either short-term or long-term, by encouraging existing customers to refer new ones, and in turn, rewarding one party, the other, or both.

Navigate to the Referrals section in Settings (More) > Referrals to view the configuration page.

The Referring Customer and Referred Customer Sections control for what the referring and referred customers will get, respectively. Either party can currently get points or a discount.

Points can be configured by clicking the Add Earn button and entering a number into this field.

In addition, you can add a Customer Facing Label in the field above, which will describe the reward on the loyalty widget for your customers to view in your store.

Note: If you choose to adjust the default content, please be careful not to tamper with the {{points}} token, as that is critical for displaying the point amount properly in the widget.

The next section is where you can decide when the points or discounts you configured above will apply to customers.

The New Customer option is for when a customer creates a new account in your store. The Purchase option is when a customer makes any kind of purchase in your store (will also need to choose whether the referring or referred customers, or both, get rewarded). Finally, Visit Store will be when either party, referring or referred, visits your store.

The latter 3 options require one additional step. A new Products/Collections section will appear underneath where you can bring up a pop-up menu to choose your products/collections from.

Note: Purchase Subscription Product will also require having a subscription app installed in your store;

You can enter a referred customer label just below that. This will describe the benefits customers are entitled to once they are referred.

Note: Just like with the aforementioned {{points}} token above, if you choose to adjust the default content, please be careful not to tamper with the {{criteria}} token, as that is critical for displaying the point amount properly in the widget.

And finally, you can set the status of your referral as Active or Inactive.

When you are finished, scroll up and hit the Update button. Assuming you chose the Active status, your referral program will now be set.

You can view what this referral program will look like from your customers' perspective by visiting your storefront while logged into an account.

The widget will contain a new section with a referral link. Customers can copy their link and share it via a channel of communication to send to their friends for them to use.

When their friends use this link, and assuming you have created a referring customer rule, your existing customers will get the reward you have configured for them. If points, they will be applied to their accounts; if a reward, they will get it in the form of a code sent to the registered email with the account they have in your store.

If the reward of choice is discount codes, they can be used in the checkout page of your store before purchasing.

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