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Configuring New Customer Reward
Configuring New Customer Reward
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This help doc will guide you through on how you can configure the other half of a referral program: The New Customer Reward.

There should be some preset rewards inside this section to help guide you with creating your loyalty program. If you are fine with the rewards offered (the same 5 types of rewards as with regular reward rules), you can simply choose to Edit them if you wish to change headers, descriptors, the discount value, etc. But if you wish to choose another reward, simply click to remove the referral reward and add a new one.

Configuration of the New Customer Reward is the same as with the Existing Customer Reward. The only real difference is checking to see if the referral program is working as intended in your store.

Follow the steps outlined below to configure any reward:

  1. In the Name section, name your Reward.

  2. For Customer Facing Labels, define the message customers will see when they redeem their points.

  3. In Discount, select either a Fixed or Percentage discount type, then type in an appropriate numerical value.

  4. For Allow Discounts, please select if you want to enable a discount code for subscription/recurring purchases.

  5. In Minimum Spend, enter the minimum dollar amount that the discount code can apply to once the reward is redeemed.

When you are finished, scroll back up and hit the Save button.

Once you have finished configuring and saving the reward for the existing customer, the new customer (referred friend), or both, set the referral program as Active with the toggle.

And you're done with configuration!

You can view what this referral program will look like from your customers' perspective by visiting your storefront while logged into an account. The widget (assuming it is enabled) will contain a new section with a referral link. Your customers can copy this link and share it via a channel of communication to send to their friends.

Click to copy the referral link and open it in a new tab in your browser of choice. You should be greeted by the loyalty widget with a field where you can input your email to receive a reward.

This means everything is working as intended, and you are ready to go!

Depending on how you have set up the rest of your referral program, your existing customers, their referred friends, or both of them, will be entitled to rewards!

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