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We have a dedicated section for widget customizations in the dashboard, Widget Settings, accessible in Settings (More) > Widget Settings.

For many of these settings, we provide default headers, descriptors, FAQs, etc. But if you believe something more custom will suit your store better, you can adjust the settings in the various tabs in this section.

Below is a breakdown of each section and its features. Feel free to use the navigation menu to quickly view a specific selection you need more information on.

Widget Visibility & Settings

You can toggle visibility and your loyalty program’s appearance here, which can take the form of a launcher or a dedicated page.

You can use Shopify customer tags to allow or deny certain groups of customers from accessing your program in the second section.

In the third, you can adjust the title, images, and placement of the loyalty widget.

In the fourth and final section, you can show or hide specific parts of the widget using these checkboxes.

Widget Labels

You can use Widget Labels if you need to change anything that shows on the widget in your store. The various labels of the loyalty widget are divided into many different categories.

Note: Your customers will not necessarily be able to see all of the labels listed here at once, as some are there by default, while others require activity or reward rules, referrals, VIP Programs, and more to be set in order to be visible.


This section controls the color scheme of different elements of the widget. Our widget has base styling, but if you feel a different color scheme would better suit your store, feel free to adjust the colors using the color picker interfaces or by entering hex color values into the fields.

Acquire Points & Badges

Acquire Points & Badges is where you can display the points that can be earned upon purchase in your product pages, and point totals and VIP tiers in your customers’ account pages.

Those will look something like this in your store's product pages and customer accounts.

Product Page

Customer Account

Image Customizations

Image Customizations controls for all images that can be added to your loyalty widget or page. Simply add your image links in the fields in every tab if needed.

Social Media Referral Settings

Social Media Referral Settings controls for this section in the widget.

These 3 are displayed by default, but you can add more or remove them if you’d like in its own section.

Integrate Custom HTML & Custom CSS

For more advanced customizations, we also offer Custom HTML and CSS sections.

If you or a developer that you have working for you is knowledgeable about CSS, this section will be useful. You can reach out to our support team as well if you are in need of custom changes.


And finally, there’s the FAQ, or frequently asked questions, section. If you find that your customers have questions regarding your loyalty program, how they can earn or redeem points, etc., an FAQ section can be helpful to have for them to reference.

Like with most of the other sections we have looked at so far, there are some basic questions and answers already set, and you can update them to best suit your store’s needs.

When you are finished with your widget customizations, click Update in the upper right-hand corner of each section to save. Be aware that it may take a few moments for the changes to register.

As a final step, go to your store and click to view your widget, product pages, or even an account to view all the changes you have made.

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