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Email Templates
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Among Appstle Loyalty & Rewards’ many features includes the ability to engage with your customer base using personalized and customizable Email Notifications at key moments. You can find them in the Email Setup section of your dashboard.

We currently have 10 different email templates available, representing 8 different situations customers can find themselves in while engaging with Appstle Loyalty & Rewards. Each one has a brief explanation under the template name, a toggle for enabling and disabling, and an edit button that you can use to customize it to best suit your business.

You can click the edit action to view several tabs of configurations and a preview of what the email will look like, which will update each time you click the preview button. If you wish to change the email’s wording, click on the Content tab. For most templates, the fields available here are the subject, the heading, the heading image, the message, and the footer.

The two templates that are slightly different from the rest are the reminder emails.

The Reward Available Reminder email contains a button that has a corresponding field in the Content tab that you can edit, if you feel the need to do so.

Please be careful when handling the {{rewardName}} token in this field, as it controls the reward name that will display on the button.

The Monthly Reward Reminder template also contains buttons, but unlike the previous one we looked at, the content of these buttons cannot be edited. You can, however, still change their color scheme in the Design tab, which we will discuss next.

If you wish to change the color scheme of emails and their various elements, click on the Design tab.

You can adjust the color scheme using either the color picker interfaces or using the hex fields in the same panel, if you had a specific color code in mind to use. Just as a reminder, click the Preview button to update the email to view the changes you make.

Finally, for more advanced email customizations, we also offer the ability to use custom HTML in the final section of each template here.

If you want to truly create emails from the ground up, and you, or a dev you have working for you, are knowledgeable about HTML, this would be the section for you.

The last thing worth mentioning is that you can further test how your emails will look using the Test Email button inside each template. Simply click the button, enter the email you wish for it to be sent to, then hit Submit.

When you are satisfied with the changes you have made, simply hit the Update button at the top right of each template.

And that’s everything you need to know about Appstle Loyalty & Rewards’ emails!

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