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Reward Rules - Dynamic Discount
Reward Rules - Dynamic Discount
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Where a regular Discount can only be taken advantage of when a customer has accrued the number of points necessary to redeem it, a Dynamic Discount can be redeemed for every point spent. With this reward type, you can set a redeem threshold for points as well as the discount amount you want to offer (ex: a $1 discount for every 10 points spent).

Note: In the event customers spend fewer points than the threshold you set, the reward will still function, providing a discount proportional to the value you set (ex: from the previous example, 1 point = $0.10 discount).

To set up, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Reward Rules.

  2. Click on Create Reward.

  3. Click on the Create Rule button in the Discount section.

  4. In the Rule Name section, name your Reward.

  5. For Customer Facing Label, define the message customers will see when they redeem their points.

  6. In Customer Facing Icon, provide the URL of an icon or image, or leave it blank to use the rule-based global icon from the widget settings or the default image.

  7. In Redeem Label, enter a message customers will see in the available reward section after redeeming a reward(s).

  8. In the Cost to Redeem section, please enter the amount of points needed to redeem this reward.

  9. Click the checkbox for Enable Redeem Interval Per Customer if you want to limit how many times a customer can complete this activity rule per given interval of time (days, weeks, months, years, or lifetime).

  10. In Discount, enter a value representing the fixed amount discount customers will get.

  11. For Allow Discounts, please select if you want to enable a discount code for one-time purchases, subscription purchases, or both.

  12. For Maximum Discount Uses, toggle Limit number of times each code can be used in total and enter a value into the field if you wish to limit the number of times customers can use this reward.

  13. In Discount Code Customer, enable the toggle if you want to allow any customer to use the reward's discount codes (for allowing customers to share their codes with family or friends).

  14. In Combinations, you can combine this reward with other discounts. To let customers use more than one discount, customer will need to have at least one Appstle Loyalty product discount that combines with product discounts (enable the toggles for those as well).

  15. The next section, Allow and Restrictions, is optional to complete. You can add customer tags (obtainable from the Customers section of your Shopify Admin), order tags, product tags, etc. to deny certain subsets of your customer base from taking advantage of this activity rule (ex: New Customers, Wholesale Customers, etc.).

  16. For Status, define the rewards program as either Active or Paused.

When you are finished, scroll back up and hit the Save button.


You can test your new reward in your storefront while logged into an account, simulating a customer.

Fulfill some of your activity rules (ex: visit store, new customer/create account in store, purchase products) to gain loyalty points. Then click on the Ways to Redeem section in the loyalty widget to view the reward.

Enter points (up to as many as you currently have) in the field, then click Redeem to get a code. This code can then be used on the checkout page and applied to the purchase.

View Redeemed Rewards

You can view rewards customers redeemed using the Customers section of Appstle Loyalty.:

  1. From your home page, click Manage Customers under Customers.

  2. In the section that follows, select your desired customer ID.

  3. Navigate to the Rewards tab.

  4. Here, you can view all the rewards that this customer redeemed, got refunded, are unused, etc. For the latter, if you need to cancel a specific reward for whatever reason, select to do so under the Action column.

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