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Reward Rules - Dynamic Discount
Reward Rules - Dynamic Discount
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Where a regular Discount can only be taken advantage of when a customer has accrued the number of points necessary to redeem it, a Dynamic Discount can be redeemed for every point spent. With this reward type, you can set a redeem threshold for points as well as the discount amount you want to offer (ex: a $1 discount for every 10 points spent).

Note: In the event customers spend fewer points than the threshold you set, the reward will still function, providing a discount proportional to the value you set (ex: from the previous example, 1 point = $0.10 discount).

  1. In the Reward Rules section, click to Create Reward.

  2. Click on the Create Reward button next to Dynamic Discount.

  3. In the Name section, name your Reward.

  4. For Customer Facing Label, define the message customers will see when they redeem their points.

  5. For Redeem Label, enter the message you would like your customers to see for this reward in their rewards section after redeeming.

  6. In the Cost to Redeem section, please enter the amount of points needed to redeem this reward.

  7. In Discount, select either a Fixed or Percentage discount type, then type in an appropriate numerical value.

    1. You can also enable the Enable Redeem Interval Per Customer checkbox to receive new fields for determining the time between redemptions (days, weeks, months, years, lifetime).

  8. The Discount field will be set to whatever currency that your store operates on. Enter a value here to determine the ratio of points to amount off (ex: every 10 points = $1 off)

  9. For Allow Discounts, you can choose to allow this reward to be redeemed for one-time purchase products, subscription products, or both.

  10. If you'd like, in Maximum discount uses, you can mark the checkbox to receive a field for inputting a number that will correspond to how many times this reward can be redeemed.

  11. In Combinations, you can allow for combining this reward with other product discounts or shipping discounts.

  12. Allowed Customers lets you add customer tags to allow certain subsets of your customer base to take advantage of this reward (ex: Silver & Gold VIP customers).

  13. Restrictions is the opposite of Allowed Customers. You can add customer IDs or tags to deny certain subsets of your customer base from taking advantage of this reward (ex: New Customers, Bronze VIP Customers, etc.).

  14. For Reward Status, define the rewards program as either Active or Inactive.

When you are finished, scroll back up and hit the Save button. Now you're done!

You can test your new reward in your storefront while logged into an account, simulating a customer. Click on the Ways to Redeem section to view the dynamic discount.

When you click on it, you should see a field where you can enter a point amount, up to as many as you currently have. The tooltip underneath will update automatically based on the amount entered into the field and based on the parameters you set in Appstle.

Once the amount is set, click Redeem to get a code. This code can then be used on the checkout page and applied to the purchase.

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