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This article will show you how to integrate Appstle Subscriptions with Fast Bundle.

Unlike with most app integrations, Fast Bundle is natively supported. So as long as you have Appstle Subscriptions installed in addition to Fast Bundle, the integration should work.

If you need assistance with configuring bundles in Fast Bundle, please refer to their tutorial video:

After creating a bundle, it is important to Allow Subscriptions in Fast Bundle's settings to ensure that the app will be able to detect subscription apps and plans properly.

The same products in this bundle will need to be tied to a subscription plan for the integration to work properly.

Save this plan, then click to View either the individual product pages or preview the bundle page to test the integration.

Regardless of whichever you chose to view, you should see your bundle products on the bundle/product page, and a dropdown menu for the purchase type (one-time or subscribe & save).

Bundle Page

Product Page

Note: If any of your products have variants, make sure to select one for each, or else the dropdown for purchase options will be grayed out.

Congratulations! You can now offer subscriptions with Fast Bundle's bundling capabilities.

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