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This article will show you how to integrate Appstle Subscriptions with MBC Bundles.

Unlike with most app integrations, MBC Bundles is natively supported. So as long as you have Appstle Subscriptions installed in addition to MBC Bundles, the integration should work.

If you need assistance with configuring bundles in MBC Bundles, please refer to their tutorial video:

as well as their help documentation here.

The most important configuration step is the Discount section. Make sure that it is set to Subscription.

Mechanically speaking, what happens here is when the bundle is created in MBC Bundles, it gets listed as a separate product.

This bundle product needs to be tied to a subscription plan for the integration to work properly.

So go to the Manage Plans section in Appstle, and create or edit a subscription plan to include the bundle product. The example shown below is a bundle for men's care products:

Save this plan, then visit the bundle product page in your store. It should list the products you have chosen.

In addition to any discounts you may have set within MBC Bundles, further discounts can be applied through Appstle, assuming you set them while configuring the subscription plan.

Congratulations! You can now offer subscriptions with MBC Bundles' bundling capabilities.

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