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Customer Accounts Hub Integration - Loyalty
Customer Accounts Hub Integration - Loyalty
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While Appstle provides a customer portal functionality natively, you can also integrate with 3rd party apps to provide alternate customer portal experiences for your customers. Customer Accounts Hub is one such app.

As we now have mutual native integrations, you as the merchant will be able to pair Customer Accounts Hub with Appstle Loyalty as long as both apps are installed in the same store.

When they are, navigate to Customer Accounts Hub's PowerUps section and search for Appstle in the search bar, as shown below.

By selecting Loyalty, a new element will appear in the Customize section of the app.

The interface works in a drag-and-drop manner, allowing you to choose the position in the sidebar that Appstle will appear in the customer portal.

You can test the integration with an account in your store. First, conduct a test purchase of a product to test the loyalty management functionalities as well.

Then navigate to your customer portal and view the side bar. Appstle Loyalty should appear in the same position as you set in the Customize section.

Click on it to reveal the loyalty widget and all of its information, including the current point total, activity rules, and reward rules.

The integration is now complete!

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