Fields set as "quick view" appear on the form search page and on the document folder to offer a preview of information that has been entered into a record.

Some Apricot Administrators had reported problems when quick view fields do not appear as they should in the document folder. The steps below outline the situations that can produce this problem and how to fix it.

More Than One Field Set To Quick View

The example above is a simple form where more that one field has been set to "quick view:"

  1. Quick View Text 1 and

  2. Quick View Text 2.

Problem: Only One Appears on the Document Folder

  1. On the document folder, only one of our text fields shows up, even though both of the text fields on the form were set to quick view. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.The reason why only one quick view field is showing up on the document folder is because the names start out exactly the same - the only things that differentiates one from the other is the number 1 and 2 at the very end of the field name.

  2. The document folder will only display the first 25-30 characters of any field name; if the field name is longer than that, it will be cut off or truncated. When a field name is truncated and the truncated version is exactly the same as another field's truncated version, then only one of them will show up on the document folder.

Solution: Change the Name of One Quick View Field

To solve this problem, open the form in Form Designer.

  1. Open the green gear box in the corner of one of the quick view fields.

  2. Change the name. Make sure that the beginning of the field is unique compared to any of the other quick view fields. Or you could also shorten the name of the field to less than 25 characters. In the example above, we have changed the name to "First Text Field for Capturing Quick View Information." If desired, you can change the second quick view field; in the example above, we will change it to "Second Text Field for Capturing Quick View Information."

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Publish your form to make your changes available to your users.

Once the changes have been published, we can reload the document folder and now we can see both of the quick view fields where only one was visible before.


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