Chrome can be configured to automatically translate any web page you visit into a language of your choice. This can be very helpful for users whose native language is not English.

To set this up in your Chrome browser you will need to access your Chrome settings. Follow these steps to access the translation settings:

  1. Open a Chrome browser window

  2. Go to Chrome settings

  3. Once in Chrome settings click on Advanced

  4. Then select Languages

  5. On the languages tab select Add Languages

  1. Select which language you would like to have web pages translated to

  2. You can select more than one

  3. Once you have selected all the languages you would like to use click "Add"

  4. No need to save the settings as they save automatically

Now that you have your language settings configured you will see a new icon in the URL bar.

  1. Click the icon and a window will open with all the different languages you have added

  2. You can either toggle between the different languages to translate the page or you can set it to automatically always translate

The highlighted setting for example, will always translate English into Spanish or whatever language you have chosen.

Please Note:

  • Google Translate is not perfect, it will do it's best to translate your pages but bear in mind that it will not always do so without error

  • Secure Web Forms or Intake forms sent out to non-English speaking participants will require that the participant configures these settings within their Chrome settings. You will not be able to configure this for them

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