Program Roll Up

When assigning a new program to Tier 2 records, Apricot will automatically assign the Tier 1 record to the same program, if the Tier 1 record was not already assigned to that program.

Program roll up exists due to how record navigation functions in Apricot. Navigating to a tier 2 record requires that a user is also able to navigate and have access to a document folder as a whole, therefore if a Program is added to a tier 2 record and that set of users should be able to access that information and navigate to it, the Program must also be added to its associated tier 1 record in order for that to be possible.

The message "The Tier 1 record(s) will also be added to this program" will appear in the Assign Programs pop-up on the Tier 2 record if the Tier 1 record is not already assigned.

Program Roll Down

When removing assigned programs from a Tier 1 record, Apricot will automatically remove the programs from the Tier 2 records if they had the same program assigned as the Tier 1 record. Tier 2 records cannot be assigned to a program that is not already assigned to the Tier 1 record.

For example, let's say you have a Tier 1 record and Tier 2 record that are both assigned to the "Donor Management" program. If you remove the "Donor Management" program from the Tier 1 record, then it will also be removed from the Tier 2 record automatically.

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