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Payment not received
Payment not received

This article will outline the steps on how to resolve payments which were completed but not received.

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There might be situations in which you have made a payment yet it has not reflected on your account. This can be due to multiple different reasons and we will try to cover a few steps on how we can resolve this together.

Payment in pre-authorization

In some scenarios an issue between our payment processor and your bank may happen. In these cases the payment itself is not completed, yet the funds have been taken out of your bank account. This is due to your bank placing a pre-authorization hold on the funds.

In these situations, you can contact your bank and request for them to drop said charge. This will release the funds back to your bank account and thus you will be able to try and make the payment again.

N.B. - Do keep in mind that payments between different banks might take up-to 5 business days. This depends entirely on your bank and where it happens to be located.

Payment is successful, but no funds have been received

After contacting the bank and they have confirmed that the funds have indeed went out of your account we will be able to investigate the situation further. In order for us to be able and locate the payment made, we will require a proof of said payment. The document should contain the following.

  • Name of the account holder

  • Time and Date of the transaction

  • Amount of the transaction

All of this information can be found on a bank statement or just simply in your mobile banking app.

N.B. As some mobile banking Apps do not allow for screenshots, what you can try is loading up your account on a PC/Mac and taking a picture with your phone. We recommend sanitizing everything that we do not require.

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