There are several ways that you can use to fund your account with AQRU. We will look at all the available methods for our users.

Bank Transfer

Once on the "Home" screen of the App you will presented with Deposit option. By tapping on it the following screen should appear.

You have the option to make a bank transfer from your bank account directly towards your AQRU account. This works as a normal bank transfer, where you send money from one account to another. Tapping the bank transfer button will pull up the following screen.

As of this moment, both EUR and GBP Deposits are supported. Depending on your choice, you would have to click on one of the two buttons at the bottom of your screen.

EUR Bank Transfers via SEPA

All of the information will be unique for each and every customer in regards to their Recipient Name and IBAN.

Recipient Name - Your name based on how you've registered with us.

IBAN - Unique IBAN number for each customer

Bank Name - name of the bank that holds the account.

Bank Address - physical address of the bank

As these transfers are done through the SEPA network, this option is available for countries under it. All transfers are done in EUR. Once the transfer has landed onto your account you will be able to spend the EUR in order to purchase all of the available cryptos.

GBP Bank Transfers via FPS

If you click on the ‘Deposit British Pounds’ button, you will be presented with the details you need to use in order to make a successful GBP transfer. Please note that there is a slight difference between the EUR and GBP details, so please make sure that you have chosen the correct option.

Please make sure that your bank supports this type of transfers prior to initiating one. The moment we receive your funds, we will credit them to your account and will let you know.

If 5 business days have passed since the initiation date and the funds are yet to arrive, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Deposit Crypto

In this example we will be looking into the depositing crypto option. Once you tap on Crypto you will be given a selection of tokens which you can deposit into your AQRU wallet.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Ethereum (ETH)


Tether (USDT)


















N.B. Please keep in mind that as of the current moment we only support tokens on their ERC20 Network and BTC which is on its Native Network. While transferring the funds from your external wallet, make sure to select the correct option. Selecting a different option will end up in a loss of funds.

After selecting one of the above cryptos you will be provided with both a QR code and a wallet address. Make sure to use the wallet address when transferring funds from your external account and to be place in the "To" section.

N.B The address will always be unique for each individual customer. The one above is used only for exemplary purposes.

Once the deposit has been made, please allow for the network to complete all confirmations. Once the transaction has been verified on the blockchain, you should see the funds reflect on your balance.

Pay by Card

Another method of funding your account can be by directly purchasing crypto on the App. This can be done by using the Pay by Card option. Once you tap on it, you will be directed to our partner - MoonPay.

Currency - From this dropdown menu you will be able to see the different crypto's that you can purchase.

Amount - the amount of crypto you want to purchase. Do note that there is a toggle which will allow you to purchase either a specific amount of crypto (e.g. 0.2 BTC), or crypto for a specific fiat amount (500 EUR Worth of BTC).

Payment method - the method for payment. As of the current moment we support debit/credit card purchase made through MoonPay.

Once you have decided on the amount, please pay specific information which you will see underneath. It will show you the current price of the token, what you will receive as well as any fees you will be paying. Make sure to click the "show fees" button in order to see them.

As the crypto market is volatile and prices change constantly, MoonPay will hold a specific price for you for 10 sec. Once the price has expired it will provide you with a new quote. At the very bottom you can see the total amount you will be paying.

If you would like more information on the above please contact our customer support staff.

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