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How to invest your funds?
How to invest your funds?

Find out how to invest and start AQRUing

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Now, you've signed up for the App, passed our KYC check and have loaded funds on the account. Your final step would be to allocate them to a pool and start AQRUing.

Once you press the Invest button you will be presented with three different pools to which you can allocate you funds - Stablecoin, BTC and ETH. All of them have different APY.

The interests are paid in the same currency that you would like to allocate. (e.g. If you opt-in for BTC, you will receive a 1% APY paid out in BTC.)

For the purpose of this example we would like to invest in Ethereum. By tapping on it we are given the option to either Sell or Invest ETH.

Let's take a look at the Invest option first. Once you tap on it it will ask you which of your uninvested currencies you would like to use and the amount.

Finally, it will present you with a quotation of your trade. As the market prices change constantly the shown quote will be held for 5 secs. As such, every time it refreshes you might see a new price.

By pressing Invest this will finish the process and your funds will be moved from your uninvested amount to invested amounts and they will start AQRUing immediately.

Nevertheless, there are other options we can use to allocate funds. That would be taking funds out of an already existing investment and moving it to your uninvested amounts so that you might allocate them somewhere else.

By selecting "Invest" you will be presented with the option if you would like to make an investment or Sell an investment. Continuing with "Sell" it will show the following screen.

Here you can choose which investment you would like to sell and the amount of it. Followed by that it will prompt you to select an asset you would like to receive.

N.B. If you are planning to withdraw Fiat (traditional currency) you need to select the Euro option in the "Choose asset to receive" section.

Once you have completed your choice, you will be presented with a confirmation screen. The price will be held for 5 seconds as in the Invest option. The moment you are ready, and have sold the investment you will see the amount appear under uninvested amounts.

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