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Why is my payment not going through?
Why is my payment not going through?

Quick explanation for card transactions and bank transfers

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In order to obtain crypto and have it in a wallet, you will need to use traditional (fiat) currency first. In almost all cases you will use either a credit/debit card to make a direct purchase or a bank transfer towards a crypto exchange. Once they land onto the platform, you will be able to convert your fiat funds into crypto.

Card transactions - Declined

For card payments there are few reasons why the transaction might get declined. In most of the cases the transactions are getting declined by the card issuer due to a card limitation/restriction being reached.

In case you receive the following error message “Your transaction has been declined by your bank”, please contact your card issuer so that they could check the reason for the decline.

Should you receive any other error message when trying to perform a card payment transaction, feel free to contact our payment processor directly from HERE. Make sure to select “Transaction” -> “Declined transaction” in the drop-down menus, and they’ll check this further for you.

Bank Transfers - Delayed/Reversed

When it comes to bank transfers, please keep in mind that they usually have a processing time of 5 business days. In case the deposit hasn’t reached your account after that, feel free to reach out to our Support team and they’ll be happy to help you. Bear in mind that we might request you to provide us with a proof of payment document for the performed transaction.

In some cases, the bank transfer might be reversed back to your bank account. Please, check for any name discrepancy between your AQRU registered name and your bank account name or another discrepancy in the details used for the transfer. In case there are no such discrepancies and you received your deposit back, please contact your bank for further assistance.

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