Whenever you refer a friend, we’ll give both you and your friend 100 USDC each. To get the bonus:

1. Your friend should make a total investment of at least 2000$ worth in the first 60 days of being verified.

2. Maintain their investment in the same product for a duration of 6 months from the point of investment.

What should I do to refer a friend?

Once you have completed your registration and your account has been verified, you will be able to find your referral code in the Settings menu and share it with your friends. To make sure you have copied the code correctly, you can click on the little button right next to it.

The only thing left after that is for your friends to register using your code and meet the bonus requirements.

How can I register using my friend’s code?

It’s very simple and there are no catches. When you download the App or go to our Web App, you will be prompted to register by using your email, password and the referral code of a friend.

In the Referral Code field you will have to enter in your friend’s code - please make sure you’ve copied it correctly and then click on “Create account”.

When will I get the bonus?

When the referee’s account has been verified, they would have to make an investment of minimum 2000$ (ETH, BTC, USD Stablecoins or Maple USDC) and keep it invested for 6 months. HERE you can find a step-by-step guide on how to invest.

N.B. Please keep in mind that if you pull out your funds before the 6 months have passed, you will not qualify to receive the bonus.

Is there a limit of referring?

You can refer up to 20 people. If the referral code appears as no longer active, please try using a different one as this one has expired.

What would happen if there is a price fluctuation?

We check the value of your assets at the time of deposit. If they cover the 2000$ worth for the bonus, you will not need to top-up the amount if the price of the token drops.

When do I get the rewards?

Both you and your friend will receive the rewards shortly after the 6 months have passed from the initial investment.

Will I be notified once I get the rewards?

Yes, you will receive an email and a pop-up notification.

Why can’t I see my rewards?

The bonus is automatically invested and starts AQRUing straight away, yet you are able to withdraw it at any given moment.

Why is it not accepting my referral code?

Please check if you have entered it correctly without leaving behind any capital letters or digits.

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