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A quick guide on Maple USDC

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One of the options you might chose for investment would be Maple USDC. It comes with a 8 % APY and it is only in the USDC Stablecoin currency.

Please keep in mind that this product comes with a 90 day lock-up period and that the interest is paid at the end of the lock-in period.

Once you tap on the product you will see the following screen at first

You need to select an asset you want to invest. Currently this can be done with Fiat or Crypto. Note that it will be converted to USDC.

Once you have selected the amount and tap Next this is what you will see:

It will confirm the amount for deposit alongside the quote. In this scenario as we are investing USDC it will show a 1:1 exchange rate.

Also here is an example of a different currency such as ETH.

How many investments can I have in USDC Maple?

As of the current moment you can have only one active lock-up term with USDC


What is the timer with the lock?

Locks come with periods in which you can lock. Think of it as a different tranche. The timer you see is how much time is left till the next one.

When can I withdraw my funds?
Once the period expires you have 7 days to remove the funds from the pool. If you do not that will automatically re-invest them for another 90 days.

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