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Our latest product offers a different way to benefit from the vast world of Crypto. By using AQRU Trend you are set to get a better exposure to the top 10 cryptos by market cap (excluding stablecoins, security tokens and tokens constituting specified investments) as a whole.

What is AQRU Trend?

AQRU Trend is a strategy which follows the trend in the movements of the market. What the strategy is doing is that it takes a look at the movements of all top 10 coins per market cap (excluding stablecoins, security tokens and tokens constituting specified investments). Depending on the trend discovered it will look to either enter or exit the strategy. We back-tested the strategy against the last two years and it achieved a historical 5x outperformance against a single-coin purchase of Bitcoin, as shown by the graph.

In order to mitigate the risk the system looks at a wider section of performance instead of a few days. If the strategy finds a trend in which the price will be dropping continuously it sells the affected asset and keeps the funds in USDC. In other cases it might rebalance the portfolio to a more favorable position. The rebalancing is done automatically and as such you just need to sit back and enjoy.


How can I see the allocation?
By going to your App you can tap on Invest>AQRU Trend. There will be a pie chart showing you your current allocation and the asset.

Can I exit at any moment?

Yes, you can. You can sell a portion or your whole balance. Keep in mind it will rebalance the investment accordingly.

Are there any minimums?
The minimum amount for investment is $250.

What currencies can I use to invest in the product?

Are there any fees?
There is a single buy fee of 0.35% and a single sell fee of 0.35%. Whenever we are rebalancing between the assets in the strategy itself there are no fees.

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