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With our newest line of products "invest" we want to bring a different approach towards the crypto space. While "Trend" follows the market, our 10 product allows for an instant access to all top 10 coins per market capitalization.

How it works?

We've build a basket of the top 10 coins per market capitalization (excluding stablecoins, security tokens and tokens constituting specified investments). Once you invest into the pool, we will distribute the amount accordingly to each an every coin based on their weight.

What we do is we look at two separate things, first would be the coins to be inside. This would mean that if new players join or old players drop out you will see this reflect every Wednesday. On the other hand, we look at the size of each coin compared to the rest of the crypto space. This way we determine what amount we will be allocating towards each coin. The higher the market cap, the higher the amount we will invest into.

Why choose AQRU 10?

Our AQRU 10 products allows for several great benefits. Instead of investing only into one coin and holding that, AQRU 10 allows you to invest in multiple projects just by a single touch.

This option also makes it great if you would like to benefit from DCA (dollar cost averaging).

With just a single click you get to diversify your portfolio and as such, diversify the risk involved.


How can I see the allocation?
By going to your App you can tap on Invest>AQRU 10. There will be a pie chart showing you your current allocation and the asset.

Can I exit at any moment?

Yes, you can. You can sell a portion or your whole balance. Keep in mind it will rebalance the investment accordingly.

Are there any minimums?
The minimum amount for investment is $250.

What currencies can I use to invest in the product?

Are there any fees?
There is a single buy fee of 0.35% and a single sell fee of 0.35%. Whenever we are rebalancing between the assets in the strategy itself there are no fees.

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