Companion apps

A companion app is an app that uses the same backend services as another app, this can be ideal when developing apps that should share the same databases, use the same user authentication lists, and so on. 

Once an app is configured as a companion app, this app will no longer have its own backend services, with the exception of App Analytics and App Hosting. Instead apps configured as companion apps will be able to consume all backend services as if they were the main app upon which their backend is based.

Configuring companion apps

Start by setting up your main app (the app that will hold all the backend services) then create another app (or open an existing app you wish to convert to a companion app) and configure this app to be a companion app by following these steps:

  1. Open your app in the Aquro App Manager
  2. Go to the Backend Services folder in the left treeview menu
  3. Click on “CONVERT TO COMPANION APP” and follow the displayed instructions

Consume backend services

When converted to a companion app, your companion app can utilize the target app's backend services just as you normally would, by using theappropriate 'Cloud' blocks in Visual Coding. 

Managing the backend services

The backend services for a companion app are configured by opening the main app and configuring the backend services there. You cannot edit companion apps' backend services independent of the main app.

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