What data can be exported?

  • Clients - all users in the system

  • Members - all active members with them memberships and all inactive members with them memberships (completed,hold..)

  • Payments - Transactions - all invoices in a time period for example a year ago


1. Log in to your MindBody account < click "Reports"


2. Select "Clients"

3. Click "Mailing Lists"

4. Set the drop-down filters that appear to the following and click generate

  • List clients: “All clients"

  • Client's Opt-in status: "All Clients"

5. Export as xlsx


  1. Click Reports < Click Client Reports < ClickVisits Remaining.

  2. Set a start date and end date

  3. Mark V - “Include expired pricing options”

  4. Adjust the filters to include everything - all products, locations, types, etc.

  5. Click Generate

  6. Export as xlsx


  1. Click Reports < click Payment Processing.

  2. Click Settled Transactions

  3. Change to “details view” --- set a start date and end date ----- click generate.

  1. Export as xlsx.

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