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  1. Click Settings in the sidebar

  2. Go to the Staff members tab and click the “Add Staff Member” button

  3. Here you’ll start by adding in the name of the staff member as well as their email address, phone number, ID number, and birthday. Note the phone and ID number and birthday are optional.

  4. Add in an employee number, if applicable to your business.

  5. You can then define the gender of your staff member and click the dropdown menu to define at which location this member will operate.

  6. Next, you have to define the role(s) of this staff member. The various roles offer different permissions to each member within the Arbox platform. You may select multiple roles for each staff member.

  7. You can view an explanation of the various permissions enabled for each role by hovering your cursor over each role listed.

  8. Once you’ve finished, click Save and your Staff Member will be added to your system.

Coaches role only can log in using:

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