As an owner or staff member, you can access the check-in interface using the following link:

  1. You can access the check-in interface from your computer, mobile device or tablet using the above link

  2. The first step is to log in using your staff member username and password

  3. The first screen after the login shows all of the classes and workouts for that day

  4. Choose the relevant class

  5. You will then see a list of all the members registered to that class (from the app)

  6. Once a member has checked in you will receive an automatic notification within a few seconds

  7. If a member hasn’t registered, you can search for them and check them in manually

  8. You also have the option (at the bottom of the screen) to go back to the main screen after each member checks in or to remain viewing that particular class

    Once you add a staff member they get an email with the login information.

    You can go to their staff member profile>+>reset password.
    The link for login is
    Username is their email.

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