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How to use the Upcoming Memberships report?
How to use the Upcoming Memberships report?
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What is Presented in the Report?

The “Upcoming Memberships” report includes all of the memberships with upcoming start dates

How to View the Report?

  1. Click on “Reports” in the platform sidebar and then click on the “Upcoming Memberships” report

  2. Choose the filters you’d like to view according to the fields shown in the header of the report. Important filters in this report:

  • Start date

  • Membership name

After choosing the filters, a summary view bar will appear with the important data (you can minimize it by clicking hide)

Actions Within This Report:

  1. Sorting the report - hover your mouse over a column you’d like to filter and click on the arrow. Text columns can be sorted alphabetically and numerical columns can be sorted by smallest to largest and vice versa.

  2. Search for a member - fill in the member’s details in the search bar and the report will automatically update

  3. Add to favorites - click on the star icon next to the report name

  4. Send messages - click here for a tutorial

  5. Print - click here for a tutorial

  6. Export data and download to Excel - click here for a tutorial

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