Arbox's access control system is suitable for any business that wants its customers to enter with an entry key fob for attendance or entry control.

Access control options:

  • Access control software -

  1. Customer identification by image and name.

  2. Quick information on; Subscription type, subscription validity, and birthday.

  3. Automatic confirmation of arrival at the class (pre-registration) upon the usage of a key fobs

  4. Opening a door/gate/hob with the controller.

  • Reports and control -

  1. Control over the number of entries.

  2. Control over entries by subscription types.

  3. Status report

  • Access control settings -

  1. Blocking expired subscriptions or punch cards, and/or customers who have debt.

  2. Blocking customers without a general or daily health statement (Covid-19).


Access control hardware:

  • Encoder-simulates a keyboard

    • The encoder connects to a fast USB connection and no installation or setup is required.

    • The encoder associates the key fob with a member profile and makes it possible to identify to whom the key fob belongs.

    • how to Enter key fob for a customer? - click here

  • Key fob scanner - on a counter or on a turnstile/door.
    A key fob scanner connects directly to the computer via an RS232 and electrical connection via an electronic transformer.


Reports and control:

Entrance report with Key-fobs - consolidates all the entries of customers who entered the club with key fobs according to the selected date range. Double entries from the same time are consolidated into one entry in the report.

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