1. Click on Settings in the sidebar

  2. Under the “Business Settings” tab, scroll down to t “Preferences” and click on the

    next to “Entry Permission Settings”

  3. Activate the feature for limiting the number of members

  4. Type in the maximum number of members that can be in the club at any given time

  5. Next, type in the average amount of time that a member is present in the club

  6. Click save

Things to consider when limiting the number of members in your club:

  • Counting of people’s visits to the club is performed by the entrance monitoring tool (by using a digital chip or by being manually entered)

  • Once a member has reached the maximum number of visits as defined by your settings, the system will block any future visits to the club

  • Each member is only counted once, regardless of how many times they tried to enter using their chip

  • You can stay on top of the number of members at your club by checking the top bar of the platform:

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